Competitive Development Initiative

Over recent years the Club has enjoyed tremendous success at County, District/Region and National levels of competition and has always had a strong reputation at team events.  This has been down to the consistent hard work of the coaches, swimmers and supporters.

To continue and increase that success right down the line, from September 2000, changes were made to the competitive development structure.  These changes fall in line with the ASA Swim21 Strategy and the ASA Competitive Development Continuum affecting age group swimming.

The changes made initially affected the competitive training squads with the overall goal to increase the number of participants at County level competition and significantly raise the standard of performance at all competition levels. The competitive training squads have the opportunity to train in quality facilities such as 25m / 4 lane pools as more of this time becomes available to us.

The process involves grading and grouping swimmers based on ability, performance potential, dedication and commitment to training, and placing them into a squad where further progression of skill development can be implemented to achieve optimum results.  Every swimmer is assessed on their individual potential and requirements to attain their optimum performance level.

The training squads run on a similar basis to the Club’s Premier Squad where places are offered to selected swimmers and certain criteria to be met upon acceptance of a place.  Each squad has its own timetable of sessions with a minimum weekly number to attend and is in control of a squad coach plus assistants.  The squad reviews run every 3 months to assess the progression and commitment of each swimmer and adjustments made if necessary.  A swimmer may be asked to leave the programme if the criteria are not met.

All competitive training squads operate a monthly fee paying facility due on the 1st of each month.

‘Fast Tracking’ This procedure continues to operate through the Competitive Development Initiative where individuals are identified as potential top performers and catered for by being placed into a higher squad or ‘overlapping’ to maximise their abilities.

County Championships – held annually in March All squad swimmers who have achieved the qualifications will be expected to represent the Club at these championships.

Annual Club Championships Again, all squad swimmers will be expected to enter the Club’s competitions held towards the end of each year.

Open Meets A number of open meets are designated by the Club for swimmers to enter.  These are very important as they form part of the programme in assessing performance.

Team Competitions – Swimmer Selection The Club operates two teams: A and B.  There are many friendly and league competitions on the calendar and selected team members belonging to the training squads are expected to represent the Club.

Initial Procedure This Involves receiving an offer of a squad placement form and returning the signed tear-off sheet to the Head Coach with your intentions.  Any places that are declined will be offered to the subsequent swimmer on the list.  A swimmer who declines an offer of a squad place will be given the option of a place in one of the intermediate groups.

A final squad list will be drawn up and presented to the Club’s treasurer and membership secretary for monitoring.  It is hoped that all swimmers offered a place take up this fantastic opportunity to progress within their chosen sport.

To achieve the desired results depends on the dedication and commitment of each squad member combined with the expertise of the coaches and committee and support of the parents and helpers.